If you search for “cut flower care” you’ll get a number of recommendations on how to care for your flowers, we recommend these three simple steps.

1. Start by preparing your vase, before you unwrap your bouquet. Fill your vase halfway with cool water and mix in the included packet of flower food.

Our Weekly Whimsy bouquet is designed for a medium-sized vase 8-10” high with a 3-4” opening, a quart-sized mason jar, or similar.

2. Unwrap your bouquet, everything but the rubber band is compostable. Using a clean pair of scissors or gardening clippers trim 1” from the stem, and place the bouquet directly into the prepared vase.

Trimming the stems helps to eliminate any bacteria that formed in transportation. If you find lower leaves below the water line, we also recommend trimming those. 

3. Change the water frequently. I strive for daily but sometimes I forget and every other day is great too. Don’t worry about providing additional flower food.

When you change the water notice if the stems are discolored at the base, you may need to trim them again or discard any flowers that are starting to get limp or slimy.