The Flower Club Manifesto

No Occasion? No Problem. 

At Flower Club, we think you should have flowers anytime you want.

Connecting with Nature is Medicine. 

Flower Club blooms let you bring nature inside so you can connect even when you can't be outside.

Be Good to Your Mother. 

At Flower Club, we source seasonally available blooms when possible, strive to curb our waste, and work locally to limit our impact on the planet.

As Is, or As You Like It.

The bouquets you get from Flower Club are ready to display, or you can deconstruct them and create your own beautiful arrangements.

About Jayme

Jayme is a founder and artist who has worked in various mediums including paint, fiber, woodworking, and floral. Fascinated and renewed by nature, Jayme has spent time as a farmer and flower buyer and currently cultivates an extremely large houseplant collection.

Over 20 years ago, while attending college outside of NYC, Jayme started honing her floral design skills by picking up inexpensive blooms from the newsstands to decorate her dorm room and share with friends.

With Flower Club PDX she brings her passion for beautiful blooms and a desire to build a community-focused, creative business to spread a little joy and whimsy each week.